Lübeck Zeitreise

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45 Min.

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Allow yourself to be transported to secret alleyways!

This city tour shows you the hidden beauty of Lübeck: It opens the door, so-to-speak, to the world of alleys and courtyards.

The tour starts at the Town Hall: Walk north along Breite Straße and turn left into Engelsgrube, named after Lübeck's English trading partners from the Hanseatic period. From there, you will reach Engelswisch on the right; a low round arch leads from number 28 into the bright-green alley. This opens into An der Untertrave. A few steps further to the right and the dark-green alley will take you back to Engelswisch. At its end, follow Große Altefähre to the right into Kleine Burgstraße across Koberg and turn right into Königstraße. Just beyond this, turn left into Glockengießerstraße. Two of the loveliest sponsored courtyards in Lübeck are to be found here: Füchtingshof dating back to 1639 and Glandorpsgang, founded in 1612.

Turn right off Glockengießerstraße into Tünkenhagen and head towards the spire of St. Giles'. Continue along St.-Annen-Straße, exploring the other alleys, for example, “Hölle” in a small street named Fegefeuer. Once at the Cathedral, follow Hartengrube on the right and turn left into Großer Bauhof, then left again into Effengrube.

There is a passageway at number 16 taking you to the Grützmacherhof courtyard. Number 18 leads you into Blohms Alley. Walk along to the end where you come out on An der Obertrave.

Now, you have probably circled the entire city – without even noticing it!

Please bear in mind on your city walk that these alleys are lived in, so please respect residents’ privacy.

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